7 Components Of Male Psychology During No-Contact Rule (2023)

7 Components Of Male Psychology During No-Contact Rule (1)

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He has broken off with you, and you are very hurt. You were very close and attached to your boyfriend. But now everything seems to be going down.

Do you want him back or need some time to heal? Then it is time to apply the no-contact rule. The no-contact rule male psychology can help you find a way back to your ex’s heart slowly.

But you need to use this method properly to ensure he comes back to you. Read more about the no-contact rule make psychology in this article.

What is the psychology behind the no-contact rule?

The no-contact rule is often recommended for women who want their ex back in their life. Similarly, it also helps the two people cope better with the breakup they recently had.

The rile is pretty simple, you cut all ties with your ex for two to three months to ensure you get enough space to go through the breakup and decide on a future life path.

The no-contact rule male psychology and that of women psychology work differently. While women could be anxious just after the breakup, men might enjoy the newfound singlehood.

The male mind during no contact

The no-contact rule can affect even the strongest man in the world. If he still has feelings for you, he will sooner or later realize this during this phase.

The no-contact rule male psychology forces him to recognize his loneliness. After a breakup, if you stop contacting him, he will feel free and enjoy this phase as much as he can.

But, with time, the loneliness and guilt pang will start to kick in. Your ex will start to miss you and will slowly remember all the happy moments with you. He may even try to indulge in a new relationship to just distract himself!

Some people even go into depression during the no contact phase. They feel so lonely and go through a realization phase during their depression. With time, they start to find holistic ways to cope with loneliness.

(Video) Male Psychology During The No Contact Rule

Some men come back to their ex and admit their mistakes in the end. If they find they cannot get back to your life, they will move on. But, even so, he will still care for you differently and may even take this experience as a lesson learned the hard way!

7 components of male psychology during the no-contact rule

7 Components Of Male Psychology During No-Contact Rule (2)

The no-contact rule male psychology is pretty simple. You are shutting down all the ways of communication with your ex. This will make them more interested and eager to contact you.

In Psychology, this is known as the “reverse psychology.” You are trying to use a way of psychological manipulation to give your ex a taste of their own medicine!

That means they will try different ways to connect with you. Hence, men respond to the no-contact rule if they still have genuine feelings and care for you.

Your ex will go through the seven stages of no contact for a man. If you want to understand how the no-contact rule affects the guys. You need to have detailed information about the no-contact rule stages. Here are the seven stages-

Stage 1: Confidence in his decision

This is the first stage. Hence, male dumper psychology is going full swing. He is a confident man who thinks he has done the right thing to break up with you!

If you are still sad and heartbroken over the decision, you may try to win him back. Do not assume he will run back to you at this stage.

Instead, he is prideful in his decision and will lead his life confidently for a few days. He will party, go on vacations, and even post on social media about his life!

If you contact him, you will not get the best no-contact rule psychology results. So, stop all your urges to reach out!

Stage 2: Starts to remember you little by little

His life has settled in, and suddenly he feels that you are not crying for him anymore. You are not contacting him. The realization starts to hush from this phase. So, how do guys feel when you cut them off?

Well, it subconsciously hurts their ego. He will think about different causes and possibilities during this phase. Because most women try to win back their ex desperately.

But, on the flip side, you have cut him off from your life, and you are not contacting him. He will start to think why you are not behaving like any regular girl! This will compel him to think more about you! So, the psychology of no-contact rule has already started to work on your ex!

(Video) The Psychology Of A Man During The No Contact Rule

Watch this video and find out if he has started missing you:

7 Components Of Male Psychology During No-Contact Rule (3)

Stage 3: He is feeling low as you are not connecting with him anymore

As a man, he feels quite boastful when you try to contact him after the breakup. But, since you are not trying to contact him, his subconscious mind will start to respond to the no contact psychology traits.

He will start to feel low. If he still has feelings for you, he will become sad as he suddenly feels your absence in his life. So, what is he thinking during the no-contact rule third stage?

The breakup honeymoon phase is over, and now he desperately seeks your attention. He is angry and wants an explanation for why you are not contacting him. You may even get some angry texts from him asking for an explanation of your action!

Stage 4: Hell-bent on finding a new girlfriend

The male psychology in relationships is quite complicated. He broke up with you, and now he wants your attention! Since you are using the no-contact rule for guys, there is no way to connect with him or give him your attention!

He is so angry that he will think of finding someone better than you! In short, he is trying to prove to you that he is better off getting you back!

In most cases, the guys indulge in a rebound relationship where they find someone to just distract themselves from their ex. He will soon enter a relationship with someone!

But, do not worry, the male mind during the no contact phase is more prone to go for such temporary pleasures! But it is a temporary distraction. After all, modern research has proven that such relationships are not healthy!

Stage 5: He will find coping methods

But, as time passes, his rebound relationship will not give him what he wants. During this stage, he gets a whole new realization.

He is not happy in his present relationship. You are still in his mind, and he still cares for you. The pain of losing you will kick off from this phase.

He is lonely and wants your attention, but he has shoved you away from his life! So, what is he thinking during no-contact phase the fifth stage?

Well, he is thinking of getting over the pain., He is busy finding new coping methods to fill the growing void inside him!

(Video) The Psychology Of A Man During The No Contact Rule

Stage 6: Starts to think about what he has lost!

During the sixth stage, the no-contact rule male psychology starts to become closer to your aim. His coping methods did not help him. He was also unable to find a new partner!

He finally realizes what he has done! He completely understands that he has lost you due to his own fault. During this stage, men often go through a long thinking phase.

They start to reflect on their life choices and wonder how foolish they have been in their decisions!

Stage 7: Hopes that you will contact him

In the last stage, he has already realized his mistake. But most men are stubborn. Hence, they do not want to admit their mistakes and often lead a life with false ideologies.

You have perfectly mastered the no contact after breakup psychology if you have not contacted him during this stage.

So, what is he thinking during the no-contact rule last stage? About you, of course! He still hopes that he has a chance to get you back in his life.

If he is eager, you will find him to ask you back on your doorstep. If he is a stubborn man, he believes you will contact him and take him back! Peculiar, isn’t it?

Do men miss their significant other during the no contact phase?

7 Components Of Male Psychology During No-Contact Rule (4)

Many women might often ask, -“Does he miss me during the no-contact phase?”

He surely does. And he is missing you. The no-contact rule male psychology is different from the psychology of women. Men may not miss you for some days after the breakup. But that is just an initial phase.

After things start to settle down, the male mind, during the no-contact phase, starts to look for your presence in his life. He slowly starts to miss you and your presence in his life. As time passes, his longing for you grows, and he feels deep pain and anguish inside himself!

Does the no-contact rule help a man to move on?

Will no contact make him move on? Yes, there is a high chance it can help him move on. But, you have to follow the rules properly to ensure he moves on with his life, minus any grudges against you.

The way no contact works on men, in this case, is different. You have to make him realize that you do not need him anymore.

(Video) Will No Contact Rule Work On A Stubborn Ex Boyfriend, Ex Girlfriend Or Spouse

You have to use the no-contact rule for at least two months. You should stop texting or calling him. If possible, also stop interacting with him on social media.

With the no-contact rule, male psychology will start to kick in. He will slowly understand that everything is over between you two, and he needs to move on. This may be a long journey for him. But, it is possible.

Is this rule applicable to a stubborn man?

Many women ask if the psychology of no contact method works on stubborn men. It surely does. You already know what goes through a guy’s mind during the no-contact phase.

But, stubborn men do not give in to their no-contact rule male psychology traits easily. Their stubborn nature prevents them from doing so.

Even if he misses you, he will not admit it. Instead, he will continue to live on with his stubborn attitude and ego in his life.

Hence, you may need to wait a little longer for stubborn men to see the full result of the no-contact rule male psychology. It may even take months for them to admit that they still love you and want you back in their life. But nevertheless, do not lose hope!

If you believe that your ex is stubborn and you are wondering if the no-contact rule will work in the situation of a stubborn ex, this video from Coach Lee discusses that situation:

7 Components Of Male Psychology During No-Contact Rule (5)

Will the no-contact rule help if he has grown out of love?

Does the no-contact rule work on men who have already moved on? Will no contact work if he lost feelings for you? Well, sadly, it will not.

Don’t waste your time if he has lost all his feelings for you and feels there is no spark behind you two.

In such cases, the no contact psychology does not affect your ex. He has already realized that it is better to go separate ways than maintain a lost relationship. He probably still cares for you but not in the same way.

He has already moved on from his life. Hence, it is time that you also move on and do not fret over what he is thinking during the no-contact phase because your ex has stopped thinking about you together!


The no-contact rule can be a great way to get back with your ex. But, it may not work for everyone. If he has moved on from this relationship, you will not get any results from this rule.

(Video) The Neuropsychology of Men During No contact (SHOCKING!!!)

On the flip side, the no-contact rule also offers you to cope with the breakup and ensure you can find a better man as a woman in the future. It will also heal your wound and psychological trauma.


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